The Other Art Fair • Dallas, TX

All Abstract • 311 Gallery • Raleigh, NC

Luminosity • Cultural Center of Cape Cod • South Yarborough, MA


I am a mixed media visual artist. The rhythmic, the esoteric, the mystic, the poetic, and the intuitive drive my work.

All of those shape my aesthetic and give my pieces backbone.

The breadth of the sublime and the mist of inner spaces are also found on my canvases. The Delphic, arcane, and obscure corners of experience fascinate me and inform my creative output. Staccato cadences, the squeal of high notes, the thrum of bass… All find visual expression in my oeuvre. My long background as both a writer and designer roots the abstract work in language, both conceptual and visual.

The Ancient Greek concept of a Daemon (to use the Latin spelling) captures so much of how I feel about my process. Daemons act as guiding spirits, uniting the divine and the mortal in expression and forming the veiled visage of the ethereal. Their presence is less seen and more felt. The intent I bring to the work is found in materials and effort. The rest is intuitive — I never know how my pieces will look until I feel they’re done.

Above all, I love to paint as an act of exuberant play.


I am an artist living and working in Austin, Texas.

I have a decades long background in award-winning visual design and branding as well as the written word. That forms an underpinning for my fine art. My love for film, music, art and life experience also brings a rich palette to draw from as a painter. You can get a small sense for my life on my personal Instagram account.